Maricopa County Spends $10.1 Million to Defend Arpaio

‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ is costing taxpayers millions.

Joe Arpaio Accused of Misusing $80 Million in Taxpayer Funds

And reports of Arpaio’s widespread misconduct and abuse pile up.

DOJ vs. Joe Arpaio: Here Comes the Lawsuit

The DOJ has been investigating the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for alleged civil rights abuses since 2009.

Tea Party Holds Rally at the Border

$600 million in border enforcement just ain’t enough, say organizers.

Arpaio's Been Hazing Arizona for Years

Arpaio’s tactics aren’t just humiliating. They’re deadly.

Arizona--and Arpaio--Already Lead Country in 287(g) Round Ups

The notorious sheriff accounts for a quarter of folks local cops have sent to feds.