Gurney and electric chair

Death Penalty Abolitionists Rally to Stop Arkansas Executions

Seven people are scheduled to be executed by month’s end.

Michael Sabbie sits in a car, looks away from the camera

Video Shows Michael Sabbie Told Officers He Couldn't Breathe 19 Times Before He Died

Newly released video shows what happened in the hours leading up to the 2015 jail cell death of the 35-year-old Black man.

Arkansas Officer Shot Self, Blamed it on Imaginary 'Hispanic Man'

David Houser admitted to fabricating a story when he blamed a self-inflicted gunshot wound on a Latino man, prompting a manhunt. 

Arkansas Becomes Fourth State For Voter ID Court Defeat

Arkansas joins Pennsylvania, Missouri and Texas in voter ID court defeats.

Arkansas Overrides Governor's Veto to Pass Voter ID Law

Arkansas is one of two states that have passed restrictive voter bills this year.

Is This the End of the Southern Strategy, or Its Entrenchment?

Riling up fears of a black and brown nation can’t win the White House anymore. But it certainly has locked in the Republican Party’s power Down South.

Arkansas Tea Party Rally Kicked Off With Racist Icebreaker Joke

Not only was an Arkansas Tea Party rally kicked off with a racist joke but then a Senator went ahead a tweeted the speaker did a great job.