Arizona boycott

To Protest Arizona's SB 1070 or Play in Tonight's All-Star Game?

Players have taken different sides of the debate over Arizona’s SB 1070, but will any refuse to take the field on one of baseball’s biggest nights?

Report: SB 1070 Has Cost Arizona $141 Million

Maybe it’s time for Gov. Jan Brewer to start asking for donations.

Cities Still Boycotting Arizona, But Does It Matter?

At least 22 cities and counties have passed resolutions condemning the SB 1070-state.

Mapping the SB 1070 Boycotts

Lady Gaga Denounces SB 1070 at Phoenix Concert

She won’t join the boycott, but Gaga at least spoke her mind while playing the state.

Soundstrike Rages Against Arizona

A coalition of big name performers won’t play in Arizona until the state repeals SB 1070.