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#AfterSeptember11 Returns With Candid Stories of Fear, Islamophobia

The hashtag emerged as a response to 9/11 tributes that some feel dismiss the years of Islamophobia-induced violence and paranoia that impact Muslims, South Asians, Arabs and Sikhs.

FBI Responds to Colorlines Twitterchat

Colorlines held a Twitterchat last week about the FBI’s new policy of tracking hate crimes against Arab-Americans, Hindus and Sikhs. Here’s a Storify plus some answers from the FBI.

Facing Race Spotlight: Palestinian-American Activist Linda Sarsour

Ahead of Facing Race, the civil rights activist discusses multi-racial solidarity and the overlap between the criminalization of black, Arab and Muslim communities.

New York City Activists: 'Anti-Muslim Ads Could Threaten Lives'

Pamela Geller’s latest round of anti-Muslim subway ads aren’t just in bad taste. They could become deadly.

California High School Changes Racist Arab Mascot

But is this a victory?

Broadway Success of 'Aladdin' Underscores Need for Arab Actors

Critics of ‘colorblind casting’ blast the Broadway success of the musical.

ABC Family Drops 'Alice in Arabia' After Arab, Muslim Protests

But the problem is much bigger than just one show.

New Romantic Comedy Explores Detroit's Arab-American Community

Rola Nashef’s film ‘Detroit Unleaded’ is now available for download and on DVD.