Steve Jobs' Widow Has Supported the DREAM Act for Years

The wife of the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs has been a supporter of the DREAM Act for years.

Petition Demands Timecard Data for Apple Employees Who Made New iPad

Almost all of the 30 million iPads sold last year were manufactured overseas and a consumer watchdog isn’t convinced Apple is doing everything they can to improve labor conditions in those factories.

Happy 5th Birthday iPhone -- But Look At What You've Done

The iPhone was unveiled five years ago today but it’s one of the major players in an industry that’s created a new digital divide.

Does Apple Have a Responsibility to Women? [Reader Forum]

Is the iPhone 4S’ feminist-fail a laughing matter, or part of a pattern of willful corporate obliviousness? readers hash it out.

Feminism Fail: iPhone's Siri Stumped By Abortion But Can Easily Find Viagra

As people of color lead the country in smartphones adoption, some argue that those phones discriminate in the content that’s available to users.

Apple Fakes Deportation Raid in Pursuit of iPhone 5 Prototype

Employees posed as San Francisco police and threatened deportation while hunting the lost phone.

Apple Bans App That Exposes Shady Side of iPhone Manufacturing

Apple says they banned an iPhone app because of “depictions of child abuse.” All the app was doing was exposing the shady labor practices at their manufacturing plants