Donald Trump's Father Was Arrested at a Ku Klux Klan Riot. Really.

Is that why Trump didn’t initially condemn the Klan endorsement?

From Anaheim to Oakland, Police Brutality Still Plagues California

Recent news across the state offers stark reminders of how bad the relationship remains between militarized police forces and the black and brown neighborhoods they patrol.

Anaheim and the Disney-Style Rebranding of Deadly Police Violence

After police shot and killed three Latino men in a week, at least one unarmed, local media has embraced the imaginary narrative that “violent” protests are the real problem.

Anaheim Police Shooting Survivor: Cops 'Shot Again and Again'

As the Anaheim police come under fire for two back to back deadly shootings, activists are demanding an investigation from California’s attorney general.

Anaheim Police and Protesters Continue to Clash

A fourth day of protests since Anaheim Police officers shot two Latino men to death over the weekend resulted in 20 arrests on Tuesday.

Anaheim Mayor Requests State, Federal Help in Police Shootings

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait has called on state and federal agencies to assist the city with the review of two officer-involved shootings that left two Latino men dead and the incidents that transpired after where officers openly fired rubber bullets in to a crowd that included children. Wants a State Investigation of Anaheim Police

The petition comes just days after Anaheim police officers shot rubber bullets and unleashed a police dog on a group of demonstrators protesting the department’s police brutality record.

Anaheim Residents Continue Protests After Cops Open Fire at Women, Kids [Video]

Demonstrators who were protesting police brutality became victims of police brutality themselves. Victims include women and children.