Amy Chua

'Fresh Off The Boat': Eddie and His Chinese-Jewish Rival

It’s going to take more than shared Chinese heritage to make Eddie and Phillip become friends.

An Actual Sociologist Highlights Flaws in Faux Sociology of "The Triple Package"

Mexican-Americans in fact make the biggest economic strides toward success, argues a sociologist who Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld cite in “The Triple Package.”

How Amy Chua Gets Race Wrong

In a new book, “The Triple Package,” the Tiger Mom and husband Jed Rubenfeld imply that racial inequity is only a problem for people who choose to be held back by it.

Tiger Mom Amy Chua's Got a Plan to Overhaul U.S. Education

Yale law professor, Tiger Mom, and now…education reformer?

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Amy Chua Tells Stephen Colbert He Too Can be a 'Tiger Mother'

The author puts her Harvard Law School degree to use and defends herself.

"Tiger Mothers" Are Driven by U.S. Inequity, Not Chinese Culture

Strict Asian parenting is often borne of struggle and exclusion and hardship, a reaction to learning that the American dream can remain elusive no matter how hard people work.