American Idol

'American Idol' Hit With $250 Million Racial Discrimination Suit

Ten black former contestants are suing.

The Queen of Soul is Openly Lobbying to Replace J-Lo on 'American Idol'

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have left their judging gigs on “American Idol” and now the Queen of Soul says she wants to reign in.

Is It American Idol's Job to Shame Contestants With Warrants? [Reader Forum]

Is this yet another case of corporate power exerting ownership over the fates of black men, to make a buck? Or is it personal foolishness beyond sympathy?

American Idol Expels Black Finalist, Puts Criminal Record on Blast

American Idol is about making dreams come true but on Wednesday night’s show producers not only cut some dreams short but they also humiliated a contestant when they put his criminal justice history on blast.