All Lives Matter

Black image with red and white writing that says, "Here me now! All lives matter."

Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton React to Backlash Over 'All Lives Matter' Concert

The singers offered vastly different responses to the now-postponed show’s title.

Black woman wearing a black and olive shirt stands beside onscreen graphic that reads: "Black men make up just 6 of the nation's population. But 40% of police killings in 2015."

WATCH: How to Handle Trolls on the Topic of Black Lives Matter

Franchesca Ramsey’s latest “Decoded” video will help you get those fools all the way together.

Singer Says 'All Lives Matter' During MLB All-Star Game Pre-Show

The Tenors says member Remigio Pereira changed the lyrics to “O Canada” to “serve his own political views.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Employees: Black Lives Matter

The Facebook CEO admonished employees for crossing out “Black Lives Matter” on the signature wall at the company’s headquarters.

RZA Tries (and Fails) to Defend 'All Lives Matter' and Button-Up-Shirt Comments

The artist issued several tweets defending his comments, trying to put them in a better light. It didn’t work.

RZA Says 'All Lives Matter,' Implores Black Men to Watch What They Wear

The Wu-Tang Clan leader asks, ”Is the image that we portray [one] that could invoke a fear into a White officer, or to any officer?”

Stephen A. Smith Receives Backlash For Berating Critics of 'All Lives Matter'

The controversial ESPN commentator was quickly rebuked for his condescending comments on those who criticized Martin O’Malley for saying “all lives matter.”