Black-and-white photograph of Black man looking into mirror with white text on image

Prince Estate Celebrates 60th Birthday With Unearthed Recordings

“Piano & A Microphone 1983” contains nine songs that Prince recorded while working through what would become “Purple Rain.”

White man and two Brown men in different-colored clothes against brownstone buildings and shop with green marquee

Meet Swet Shop Boys, the Desi Hip-Hop Group Powering Through Racial Profiling

Made up of former-Das Racist member Himanshu “Heems” Suri, actor/rapper Riz “Riz MC” Ahmed and producer Tom “Redinho” Calvert, the Swet Shop Boys explore the everyday struggles of South Asian and other Brown people moving through a world full of racial profiling and dangerous stereotypes. 

Marvin Gaye in denim jacket and red hat at black piano

Marvin Gaye's Family Approves New Documentary

“Marvin, What’s Going On?” is the first documentary supported by the singer’s children and ex-wife.

Jamila Woods in water with blue and pink clothing, orange-hued background

Take Care of Yourself: Stream Jamila Woods' 'Heavn' in Its Entirety

The singer, poet and youth educator just dropped her debut album.