Split screen of two faces with word "accept" across them in white letters

How the Super Bowl Became a Battle for America's Soul

The subtle—and not-so subtle—roles race, xenophobia and Islamophobia played in Super Bowl LI.

Airbnb logo on laptop screen

Airbnb's Anti-Discrimination Policy Starts … Now

Users who don’t agree to the new policy will not be allowed to host guests or book lodgings.

Pink-and-white Airbnb app on black-and-grey iPhone screen surrounded by multi-colored apps

Following Criticism for Racist Hosts, Airbnb Pledges Changes to Platform, Protocol

The reforms come after years of criticism from activists and users of color who feel the home-sharing website doesn’t do enough to address some users’ racist bias.

Brian Chesky in navy blazer and light blue dress shirt, purple background

Airbnb CEO Says He Has 'Zero Tolerance' for Racist Hosts

Brian Chesky opened the Airbnb-hosted OpenAir conference today by addressing the platform’s increasingly public race issues.

Airbnb Boots Epithet-Spewing Host From Platform

“Racism and discrimination have no place on Airbnb,” CEO Brian Chesky tweeted yesterday.

Airbnb Challenges Harvard Racial Discrimination Study

It’s shedding new light on how implicit bias functions in even seemingly innocuous institutions.