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It Could Soon Be Legal to Prevent LGBTQ+ Couples From Adopting

The Trump administration is scrapping an Obama-era regulation that protected same sex couples from discrimination.

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Judge Rules Indian Child Welfare Act Unconstitutional

When the law was passed in 1978, about a third of Native children were being forced into foster care and adoption.

'Baby' Veronica Taken from her Family and the Cherokee Nation

No longer a baby, the four-year-old child is now in the care of an adoptive white couple.

'Gazillion Voices' Explores Race and Identity in Adoption

A new online magazine for adoptees aims to draw attention to the complexities of adoption and inject race into the conversation.

Guatemalan Girl Stuck in Gut-Wrenching Adoption Scandal

A Guatemalan court has ordered a 7-year-old returned from her adoptive U.S. parents after determining she was snatched by local kidnappers five years ago. If U.S. intervenes, it’ll be a first for international adoption.

Immigrant Families Face Child Welfare and Deportation

Harsher enforcement is tearing families apart.

New York Moves to Keep Incarcerated Parents Connected to Kids

The prison system and the child welfare system both have the power to split families apart, and too often, they are tragically linked when the state imposes its judgment that a parent is no longer worthy of her child. For the majority of men and women in New York’s prisons, their fate as parents hinges on a legal timetable that pushes their children toward adoption.

Children of the Earthquake: Rescuing Haiti's Orphans?

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Adoption Was No Salvation

Raised by a white missionary, one Indian woman remembers abuse, poverty and the road back home.