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Federal Court Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

The ACLU argued that the law prevents poor people of color from voting.

Police officers stand in front of a crowd of protestors holdling signs

Baltimore's New Police Use of Force Policy Goes Into Effect Today

ACLU of Maryland attorney David Rocah says it still has “significant problems.”

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ACLU, Researchers and Journalists Sue to Legally Investigate Algorithm-Based Discrimination

The organization says the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act “prohibits and chills academics, researchers and journalists from testing for discrimination on the internet.”

A woman's hand dials on a blue wall-mounted public phone

ICE Agrees to Overhaul Phone Policy for Immigrant Detainees

As part of a settlement with the ACLU, the agency will provide free, private access to telephones for detainees in Northern California.

8 Ways to Fight Anti-Trans Bias on the Job

Although transgender people are now covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, trans workers of color continue to suffer a combination of gender- and race-based discrimination. Here, eight things you can do if it happens to you.  

Lawsuit Says Ohio Secretary of State Illegally Disenfranchised Registered Voters

The ACLU and Demos allege that Jon Husted violated the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 when he purged 2 million people from the state’s voter rolls.

Advocates Sue North Carolina Governor, UNC Over Anti-Trans Law

The federal lawsuit—backed by the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups—arrives amid widespread criticism of House Bill 2, which voids anti-discrimination ordinances at city and county levels.

STUDY: Despite Legalization, Blacks Arrested for Marijuana at Twice Rate of Peers

But the total number of African Americans picked up for using the drug has decreased dramatically.

Federal Court to Florida: Prison Gerrymandering is Unconstitutional

“To treat the inmates the same as actual constituents makes no sense under any theory of one person, one vote, and indeed under any theory of representative democracy.”

Supreme Court Hears Another Religious Challenge to Contraceptive Coverage

Zubik v. Burwell continues a series of legal challenges by religious groups to the contraceptive coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

New Lawsuit Pushes Minnesota Officials to Release Video of Jamar Clark Shooting

Minneapolis police killed Clark in November, prompting hundreds to protest and occupy the local police precinct as they demanded #JusticeForJamar.

WATCH: Sasheer Zamata Explains Privilege In Hilarious New Short

The SNL star appears in a new video from the ACLU that addresses white and male privilege. 

Customs and Border Protection Issues New Custody Standards

The ACLU says the reforms don’t go far enough.

Black Lives Matter, ACLU Call out LAPD for Trampling First Amendment Rights

Plus, LAPD officers started wearing body cameras yesterday.

ACLU Sues Fresno County and California for Subpar Public Defense System

ACLU says “Fresno County deputy public defenders are shouldering caseloads that make it impossible for even the most skilled attorneys to provide meaningful and effective representation to their indigent clients.”

Report: Future Generations of Black People Will Feel Great Recession Pain

An ACLU study finds that the Great Recession not only negatively impacted black homeowners’ current wealth—but threatens to hurt future generations,’ too.

Georgia Woman Charged With Murder After Taking Abortion Pill

A woman has been charged with murder and drug possession after aborting fetus with Cytotec.

Texas Activist Group Plans March In Response to McKinney Officer Violence

Protest is scheduled for tonight in response to police violence against local teens.

Boston Has a Stop-And-Frisk Problem, New ACLU Report Says

Could reform be on the horizon?

Jailed, for Being Poor

Debtors’ prisons for misdemeanor crimes are flourishing in the U.S.