Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

New Study Confirms That Black Women Are Most Abused Group on Twitter

Amnesty International hopes Twitter will use the findings to make women safer online.

Michele with black-and-white "parental advisory" sticker on mouth against black background

READ: Michel'le Talks 'Surviving Compton' in Candid New Interview

The singer, who was controversially omitted from “Straight Outta Compton,” will tell her side of the story in a new Lifetime movie premiering this weekend.

STUDY: 1 in 3 Migrants Deported at the Mexican Border Experience Abuse

From verbal abuse to racial discrimination, more than a third of those deported by Border Patrol were subjected to mistreatment.

Dee Barnes and Michel'le Split on Dre Apology

Now that Dr. Dre has made a more definitive public apology to women he’s hurt, Dee Barnes and Michel’le—two who publicly accuse him of assault and battery—have issued very different responses. 

Federal Inquiry: 'Culture of Violence' Against Teens At Rikers

Teens requested solitary confinement for their own protection

Robin Thicke's Quest to 'Get Her Back' and the Terrifying Reality of Stalking

Somebody free Paula Patton from this hot mess.

Thinking of Formally Complaining to U.S. Border Patrol?

New report says nothing happens when you do

Black Woman, 74, Freed After 32 Years In Prison

Mary Virginia Jones served time for a murder committed by an abusive boyfriend

Did Incriminating Evidence End Sheriff Baca's Career?

Sheriff Lee Baca stepped down from Los Angeles County Sheriff amid accusations of prisoner and visitor abuse in his department. Were the too much for even Baca to bear?