2016 Elections

A Mexican baby

Study Finds Increase in Latinx Preterm Births After Trump Election

Researchers emphasized a connection between psychosocial stress and an increase in babies born early after 45 won the White House.

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STUDY: APIA First-Time Voters Turned Out for 2016 Election in Record Numbers

The newest National Asian American Survey reports that 1.1 million new voters of Asian descent cast ballots last November.

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Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Case Against Trump For Inciting Violence at Rally

The lawsuit will continue in federal court.

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This 'Black-ish' Scene Perfectly Captures Many Black Americans' Reaction to the Election

“Black people wake up every day believing that our lives are gonna change, even though everything around us says it’s not.”

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Key and Peele Bring Back President Obama, Luther for Gloriously Angry Farewell

“I got my eye on you, p****-grabber!” Luther warned the incoming president.

This Pollster Says Racist Backlash Following Obama Presidency Was a Given

Cornell Belcher: “There is a transfer of power that’s going to happen, and the question is, is it going to be peaceful or is it going to be one that destroys us?”

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Muslim Journalist on Reporting in Trump's America: 'Empathy Isn't Always Reciprocated'

NPR reporter Asma Khalid addresses the Islamophobia she endured while reporting on the 2016 election as a hijab-wearing Muslim woman in a new essay and “All Things Considered” interview.

Colorlines screenshot of talk show host interview with Amy Oliver Cooke, taken on December 2, 2016.

Latest Trump EPA Pick Is Pro-Fracking and Anti-Clean Energy

Amy Oliver Cooke looks forward to  a “very different” EPA with the new White House. 

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Several Mosques Receive Same Threatening Letter, CAIR Calls for Federal Probe

The letter, which threatens that President-elect Donald Trump will “do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews,” was sent to mosques from Rhode Island to California.

Trump Pushes Unfounded Claim That Millions of Undocumented Immigrants Illegally Voted for Clinton

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton are working on a recount in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, the president-elect just keeps tweeting.

A crowd of people at a Mexican Independence Day celebration where the Democratic and Republican parties courted Latinx voters

For Latinx People, a Post-Election 'Time of Reckoning'

Latinx digital media pioneer Julio Ricardo Varela reflects on the 2016 election and where Latinx people go from here.

Sign in trash reads: White House no place for White nationalism"

How The Nation Feels Post-Election in 6 Charts

The Pew Research Center polled voters on both sides of the aisle to figure out how they are doing—and how they plan to move forward.

Young Black men hold up signs that read "We are not animals" and "Black lives matter."

Black Lives Matter Issues Statement on Election of Donald Trump

“Donald Trump has promised more death, disenfranchisement and deportations. We believe him…. In the face of this, our commitment remains the same: protect ourselves and our communities.”

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UPDATE: West Virginia Mayor Resigns After Cosigning Post That Called Michelle Obama an 'Ape in Heels'

Beverly Whaling, mayor of Clay, West Virginia, resigns after expressing her support for another official’s racist Facebook post. The original poster, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, has been removed from her position.

Jose Antonio Vargas attends a screening of "White People" at the Regent Theater on July 20, 2015, in Los Angeles, California.

#FacingRace Livestream: Jose Antonio Vargas Keynote

The founder of #EmergingUs takes the main stage at this year’s Facing Race conference.

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#FacingRace Livestream: Where Do We Go From Here?

Linda Sarsour, Van Jones and five other leading racial justice figures discuss how to push movements forward at Facing Race’s closing plenary.

Bernie Sanders stands behind a podium with "Stronger Together" sign

4 Key Takeaways From Bernie Sanders' Post-Election Interview

From his thoughts on Donald Trump to his ambitions for 2020, the former Democratic presidential candidate is as straight-forward as ever in a new interview with The Associated Press.

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Accounts of Post-Election Racist Graffiti, Harassment Pour in From Across the Country

People of color across the country are reporting racist harrassment in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory.

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In Trying Times, Some Songs for Healing and Persevering

From Run the Jewels to Solange, we offer our favorite artists’ work to help process the rage and hopelessness you might be feeling right now.

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#TwitterBlackout Emerges in Protest of Trump Presidency

Users blacked out their profile pictures and tweeted messages of solidarity with those whose lives would presumably be negatively affected by a Trump presidency.