2014 Elections

Democrats Have a White Women Problem

Progressive strategy often focuses on voter turnout in communities of color, but Democrats seem to be losing on the backs of white-women voters. Can they do anything about it?

So How Much Did Obama's Immigration Delay Hurt Latino Turnout?

It didn’t help Latino voter turnout.

Latino, Immigration Groups Demand Reform After GOP's Sweeping Wins

Immigration reform groups and lawmakers warn Democrats not to take Latinos for granted.

Eva Longoria: 'I Was Fortunate to Grow Up in a Family of Activists'

The actress talks about why she co-founded a PAC for Latino Democratic candidates.

Five States, and a Dozen Counties, Consider Minimum Wage Hikes

From $8.50 in South Dakota and Arkansas to $15 per hour in San Francisco County.

Video: Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama Urge Young Latino Voters to the Polls

“You gotta clean your house, and we have to clean The House.”

State Legislators to Watch in 2014

A magazine publishes a list of state legislators to watch and it actually looks like America.

Can Black Republicans Save Their Party Next Year?

These black Republicans are gunning for Congress in 2014. Will their party back them?