14th Amendment

The Baby Trump Balloon rises after being inflated in Battery Park as part of an 'Impeachment Parade' protest in New York City on October 28, 2018.

Trump Wants to End Birthright Citizenship, Experts Respond

But can the president legally change a constitutional amendment via an executive order?

Donald Trump: A White man in a blue suit and red tie grimaces and gesticulates behind a podium that says "Trump".

Can Trump Really End Birthright Citizenship?

Not directly. But it’s more complicated than you think, writes Princeton law professor Imani Perry. 

John Lewis. Black man holds small booklet with "The Constitution of the United States" on the front.

An Education: Today Marks 150th Anniversary of 14th Amendment

As President Donald Trump prepares to announce his Supreme Court nominee, here’s why the amendment’s promise of “equal protection of the laws” still matters.

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ICYMI: NAACP LDF Asks Texas to Accommodate Voters Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

“The Texas code already recognizes that a natural disaster is an extenuating circumstance necessitating accommodations.”

Federal Court to Florida: Prison Gerrymandering is Unconstitutional

“To treat the inmates the same as actual constituents makes no sense under any theory of one person, one vote, and indeed under any theory of representative democracy.”

Russell Pearce: 'You Are Not a Citizen of the United States'

The self-proclaimed ‘John Wayne of the Legislature’ takes to tentherism to usurp the federal government’s power.

Most Americans Don't Want 14th Amendment Rollbacks

But the poll also found that a majority favors Arizona’s harsh anti-immigration law.

Birthright Citizenship Bills Stalled in Arizona Senate

Even some stalwart GOP members seemed skeptical of challenging the Constitution.

Linking Citizens United to Octavia Butler's Science Fiction

Activists find inspiration in debate over corporate lobbying.

Sens. Vitter and Paul Introduce Birthright Citizenship Bill

Discussions about American citizenship are at their heart debates about who belongs in this country and who does not.

Birthright Citizenship Fight--From Ariz. to the Supreme Court?

Rep. John Kavanagh says plainly, “We won’t give citizenship like a door prize.”

Protesters Don't Let 14th Amendment Rollback Happen Quietly

One of what’s sure to be the biggest immigration battles of the year is heating up.

Lawmakers in 14 States Coordinate Birthright Citizenship Attack

The right’s promised battle over the 14th Amendment has officially begun.

Efforts to Revoke Birthright Citizenship Move to State Level

The right’s angling to force a Supreme Court case rewriting the 14th Amendment.

Next on Arizona's List? Revoke Birthright Citizenship

State Senator Russell Pearce plans to introduce a new wacky bill in January.

Looking Back, and Forward, on Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is a commemoration of history–the 90th anniversary of the victory of women’s suffrage–as well as a marker of the incomplete struggle for equal rights.

The Other Side of the Anchor: Where Else Do American-born Kids Belong?

We accept the term “naturalization” for new citizens. What could be more natural than being accepted in the only home you’ve ever known?

Is GOP Nodding to Birthers With Birthright Citizenship?

ColorLines commenters add politics, economics to Victor Goode’s constitutional analysis.

The Roots of the GOP's Birth Citizenship Mania

Here’s what they’re talking about when they clamor for a review of the 14th Amendment.

Defining the Immigrant Family: Legal Reform and Common Sense

A legal analysis of the key problem that current immigration policy cannot answer: who do we call mom and dad?