Wed, Nov 30, 2011 11:11 AM EST
If you’ve been following the Drop the I-Word campaign for a while you’ll likely remember stories we’ve shared about the successful and inspiring local campaign effort led by young people in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now we have a chance to help their work by sending a letter to the Charlotte Observer editors.

People in Charlotte, North Carolina are tired of the bullying and hate set off by increased use of the i-word, and concerned about the rise in civil rights abuse claims in the region. We join United 4 the Dream, the youth group of the Latin American Coalition in Charlotte, in support of their current action to encourage the Charlotte Observer to end the use of dehumanizing and inaccurate anti-immigrant language.

We’re asking for everyone who believes the i-word should be dropped from the media to send an email to the editors of the Charlotte Observer. It’s easy! Just click on this link to get started. And be sure to share this article on Facebook and Twitter!