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Take Action! Jonathan and Issac were detained as they protested Alabama’s anti-immigrant law HB56 and they need your help so they can make it home! Click here to sign the petition and for information on how to call the Department of Homeland Security and tell them to set Isaac and Jonathan free! 
On November 10, Jonathan Perez and Isaac Barrera, two undocumented immigrants from California, entered a Border Patrol office in Mobile, Alabama and told agents they were undocumented. Theirs was a strategic move organized by the National Immigrant Youth Alliance and to prove that away from the media spotlight and contrary to its public line on its deportation policies, the Obama administration is still intent on deporting the very people it claims not to have any interest in removing from the country, including young people with no criminal convictions who’d be eligible for the DREAM Act.
Watch this video, released over the weekend, as Perez confronts Border Patrol officers, and courageously announces his status, but not before telling them how disgusted he is with Obama’s deportation agenda.
“We’re exercising our power and showing that we can do something about this,” Perez told Colorlines last week. “We can challenge the system, and when we do, the system falls apart and the contradictions begin to show.”
S. Leigh Thompson