War on Women


Last Abortion Clinic in the Rio Grande Valley Shuttered

Another bad week in reproductive health rights.

Alabama House Passes Four Strict Abortion Bills

Among the new restrictions is the ‘heartbeat ban,’ which bans abortions after six weeks.

A Bleak Year for Reproductive Justice

After another challenging year for reproductive rights, many states are looking at fresh battles in 2014.

TRAP Laws Are the New Battleground for Abortion Rights

As the abortion wars wage on in Texas, ubiquitous TRAP laws seem to be spreading across the country.

The Missionary Movement to 'Save' Black Babies

Akiba Solomon looks inside the anti-abortion movement’s evangelical drive to reach “urban” and “underserved” women and communities.

5 Things I Learned About Abortion by Checking My Assumptions at the Door

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Samara Azam-Yu reflects on helping her peers deal with the complex, messy realities of reproductive health in a world without equity.

Five Race and Gender Justice Lessons Learned from This Marathon Election Cycle

It’s a cliche to say that the work doesn’t end after Election Day. But people keep saying it because it’s true! Herewith, some takeaways from the past four years and next steps.

Collateral Damage in the War on Women

Poor and uninsured women of color are starting to feel the results after two years of relentless attacks on family planning infrastructure. Akiba Solomon reports from Texas.

War on Women and Its Consequences [INFOGRAPHIC]

State legislatures have targeted publicly funded family planning services with unique intensity since 2010. Hatty Lee illustrates who gets hurt in the process.