Voting Rights Act

For the Supreme Court, New Term Means Renewed Attacks on Civil Rights Legislation

Brace yourself.

What's Good--and Bad--About the New Voting Rights Act

The new amendment to the Voting Rights Act explained

Why I'd Rather Hear Eric Holder Deliver the State of the Union Tonight

What issue has Obama been addressing inadequately that Holder has confronted more forcefully?

What Would It Take To Pass a Voting Rights Amendment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mapping out a constitutional solution to the Supreme Court’s devastating ruling this summer.

Reasons to Hope on the Voting Rights Act's 48th Anniversary

Today marks the 48th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, after months of civil rights organizing, sit-ins, bloodshed and deaths compelled the federal government to intervene in the struggle against Southern states that were denying African Americans the ballot.

DOJ To Sue Texas Under Voting Rights Act 'Bail-In' Provision

As we reported shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act’s Section Five, Texas could still face “preclearance” – federal review of election changes to ensure disenfranchisement won’t result –  under the Section Three “bail-in” provision.

South Carolina's Voting Walking Dead Story Proven Fluke

South Carolina lawmakers claimed zombies have been voting. An investigation by the state’s law enforcement division proved this wrong.

NAACP LDF President Gives Blueprint for Voting Rights in Post-Shelby Nation

Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund talks about the future of the Voting Rights Act.

Is a Constitutional Right to Vote Attainable?

If we really want our voting rights protected, say advocates, we need the right enshrined into the Constitution

Environment, Immigration and Gay Groups Pledge Fight for Civil Rights

Environmentalists, marriage equality advocates and immigration law reformists pledge to work together for voting rights.

SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Decision Might Not Apply to Texas

Texas was one of the first to run wild after the SCOTUS decision on the Voting Rights Act. A racist redistricting plan may lasso it back in.

Black Louisiana Senator 'Excited' That Voting Rights Act Was Gutted

State Sen. Elbert Lee Guillory, an African American legislator for Louisiana, was elated yesterday that the Supreme Court neutralized the Section Five provision of the Voting Rights Act. In a message sent last evening from his Facebook account, Sen. Guillory said he was “excited to read about the Supreme Court’s decision today striking down provisions of the Voting Rights Act.”

State Attorney Generals Vow Immediate Voter ID Implementation

States that had holding back on voter ID laws are now moving forward full throttle after the Shelby decision.

Justice Ginsburg Quotes King and Shakespeare in Shelby Dissent

Justice Ginsburg rips apart the majority’s opinion which hollowed the Voting Rights Act.

Does the SCOTUS Arizona Ruling Impact the Voting Rights Act Case?

What does this week’s SCOTUS decision on proof-of-citizenship laws have to do with their upcoming decision on the Voting Rights Act?

Are States Delaying Voter ID Enactment to Duck Federal Racial Review?

Some states may be hedging on a Supreme Court decision that might strike the Voting Rights Act’s Section Five clause.

At 'Shelby v. Holder' Hearing, Debate Over Southern Racism and Congressional Power

Yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing about Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act revealed a lot about how some of us deal with race in America. Here, five major takeaways straight from the courthouse.

North Carolina: A Case for the Voting Rights Act's Modern Relevance

As the Supreme Court weighs whether the feds should maintain oversight in Southern election law, North Carolina proves why the answer is obviously yes.

What Is Alabama's Problem With the Voting Rights Act?

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week in a case that could deeply gut the historic law. To understand where this is going, it’s crucial to know how we got here.

From Selma to the Roberts Court: Reflections on Voting Rights History

Diane Nash, Dorie Ladner and others who led and joined the March 1965 demonstrations that created the Voting Rights Act speak with Colorlines about their work then–and now.