Voting Rights


Senior Congressman John Conyers' Re-Election in Danger

Will John Conyers now needs a massive write-in campaign to continue to rep Detroit.

Only Property Owners Should Vote Says Fla. Congressman

Fla. Rep. Yoho doesn’t stop with the nonsense, this time: voting.

Newark Wins Ras Baraka; Significant Challenges Ahead

Ras Baraka win is a referendum on education reform movement.

Racist Wisconsin Voter ID Law Banned For Life (or at Least Until the State Appeals)

Wisconsin becomes the fifth state where courts struck down voter ID laws.

Justice Department to Begin Collecting Racial Profiling Data

The Justice Department will start tabulating stop-and-frisk frequency and racial bias.

Obama and Holder to Expand Clemency for Unfair Prison Sentences

The Obama Administration wants to free more people unfairly imprisoned from jail

More Voting Rights Restoration Coming for Virginia

Anyone with drug felony convictions in Virginia will now be eligible for automatic voting rights restoration.

FBI Arrests Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon

Charlotte mayor is facing a lot of years for bribery and extortion charges.

Obamacare Deadline Extended for Some

If you started purchasing Obamacare through the website, but didn’t complete by March 31, no worries … ‘til April.

Is It Time To Finally Stick a Fork In the Tea Party?

Tea Party may be down, but not out.

Alex Sink Fails to Turn Up Voters of Color in Florida ... Again

Alex Sink just can’t get the vote out for black and brown Floridians.

Senate Blocks Obama's Pick for New Civil Rights Chief

Former NAACP LDF attorney Debo Adegbile is blocked on racial grounds.

Obama Favors Expanding Schools and Reducing Prisons in New Budget

The budget includes targeted funds for programs to reduce racial disparities in courts and prisons.

EPA Pays Tribute to Rep. John Lewis and Environmental Justice

Rep. John Lewis is honored for his role in bringing civil rights principles to environmental protection.

The White Supremacy of 'House of Cards'

A thread of white supremacy helps shape this political drama.

Civil Rights Leaders React to Meeting With Obama Today

Civil rights leaders pick Obama’s brain on wages and criminal justice reform

What's Good--and Bad--About the New Voting Rights Act

The new amendment to the Voting Rights Act explained

AG Holder Calls for Restoring Voting Rights to Former Felons

Holder calls for the restoration of voting rights to all who’ve formerly been convicted of felonies.

'Moral March' in North Carolina Draws Thousands

The Moral March in N. Carolina this weekend touched hearts and nerves, with tens of thousands showing up for justice.

Why I'd Rather Hear Eric Holder Deliver the State of the Union Tonight

What issue has Obama been addressing inadequately that Holder has confronted more forcefully?