Oscar Grant Trial

'Oscar Grant Called Me Grandma'

On the fifth anniversary of Oscar Grant’s murder at the hands of a Bay Area transit cop, his grandmother Bonnie Johnson opens up about her grandson, and how she honors his memory.

"The Wrong People Are in Control"

By now, you’ve seen the headlines recounting last night’s reaction to the involuntary manslaughter verdict in the Johannes Mehserle murder trial. The San Francisco Chronicle’s reporting that angry mobs smashed windows and looted from stores.


Oscar Grant’s family insists the shooting was no accident and argues that the jury’s deliberations ended far too quickly for it to have fairly weighed the case.

Oscar Grant Trial: Is An Uprising Worth It?

As the city of Oakland, and the country at large, sits on pins and needles waiting for a verdict in the murder trial of former police officer Johannes Mehserle, shop owners are holding their breath. Cops are ready to fight. Community organizations in the city are fighting to get the message to the media, and their communities, that violence isn’t the answer.