Black woman with black and brown afro in blue dress with blue jewelery in front of golden wall with black text

LISTEN: Celebrate Juneteenth With Jenifer Lewis

On the 153rd anniversary of Juneteenth, the “Black-ish” actress discusses the importance of learning the full scope of American history.

Brown house interior with doorways to two rooms and assorted brown and white furnishings

National Trust Joins Mission to Save Nina Simone's Childhood Home

The conservation organization deemed the house a “National Treasure.” Now it’s working with a group of artists dedicated to protecting it.

New York state health commissioner will recommend that state legalizes recreational use of marijuana.

New York Health Department to Recommend Marijuana Legalization

Drug reform advocates welcome the move, but remain wary of how the state will address criminal justice issues related to legalization.

Brown protesters—including several children—hold signs and banners, including one that says "Families belong together."

The Trauma of Separating Children From Their Parents

“The harm our government is now causing will take a lifetime to undo.”

Black man in grey sweatsuit and black hat stands next to Black child in black jacket and blue jeans next to Black woman in black outfit next to Black woman in blue jacket and jeans on grey stoop by red rowhouse

WATCH: 'Quest' Follows a Black Family's Highs, Lows for 8 Years

The PBS-streamed documentary follows the Rainey family throughout the Obama administration to offer a rare, complex portrait of a working-class Black family.

Blue pencil case sits atop teal book with white cover, all sitting on a child's desk in a classroom; only the desk is in focus

Separate, Unequal: 700+ Public Charter Schools Are Whiter Than Their Districts

From priority attendance zones to expensive uniforms to no-busing policies, a new report says that many charter schools are creating highly segregated, richly resourced schools.

Protests surge against Trump administration policy of separating immigrant children from parents.

Outrage Surges Over Trump's Family Separation Practice

Critics assail “un-American” immigration policy, as House Republicans mull two measures that would dump billions into a southern border wall.

A street is flooded during the passing of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Asthma Rates Rise in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

Doctors and public health officials say they have never seen anything like this.

Domee Shi. Asian woman in tan shirt with black tank top and long, black bob hair smiles at camera, while sitting in front of a white backdrop that says "Bao" and features drawings of an animated dumpling

'Bao' is Brainchild of Domee Shi, First Woman to Direct A Pixar Short

The much discussed animated film short screens immediately before “Incredibles 2.”

Black woman in brown glasses and black blazer smiles in front of purple wall with grey text and logos

Mara Brock Akil's 'Love Is_' Updates Black Sitcom Golden Age

The woman behind “Girlfriends” and “Being Mary Jane” on how her new OWN series differs from—and connects to—the Black-cast sitcoms of the 1990s.

Black women and men in white and blue and brown and black clothing in front of blue stadium seats and green field

Black Arrow Is on a Mission to Unite Black Soccer Fans Worldwide

The brand grew out of founder Aaron Dolores’ desire to bridge soccer and Black culture.

Brown man with grey beard in red t-shirt in front of white wall with black text and insignia

WATCH: Bobbito Garcia's 'Rock Rubber 45s' Celebrates Hip Hop

Famous friends of the renowned DJ—including Rosie Pérez, Questlove and Lin-Manuel Miranda—examine Garcia’s decades-long dedication to hip hop in his new documentary.

Lawsuit Challenges Texas Abortion Laws That Target Women of Color

As state lawmakers continue to pass restrictive measures, a coalition of reproductive rights advocates are working on what they call a “big fix” to Texas’ restrictive abortion laws.

Black man in white shirt with black text and white hat in front of people in black clothing and brown bookshelf with multicolored books

GoldLink Brings It Home for Tiny Desk Performance

The “Crew” MC visited his hometown for an intimate set at NPR’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Black and brown and beige house on brown dirt in front of brown and beige buildings

Family Auctions Rosa Parks' Restored Detroit Home

The house is part of a larger auction of rare artifacts of Black history, which includes Alex Haley’s manuscript for “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and The Jackson Five’s first professional record contract.

Building with red brick and white columns behind green plants in front of blue sky

New Monticello Exhibit Explores Sally Hemings' Legacy

The new exhibit is part of the Mountaintop Project, which seeks to tell the stories of Hemings and other Black people who were enslaved on President Thomas Jefferson’s plantation.

New Reports Confirm How Ill-Prepared Puerto Rico is For Hurricane Season

With ongoing problems with both its electrical and water infrastructure, the island is in a weakened state.

Black woman with black hair in pink lipstick and grey and blue dress smiles in front of wall with pink and red flowers and green leaves

Tiffany Haddish's Must-Read Tale of Meeting Roseanne Barr

“She been racist, why’d you all give her a TV show?”

Brown woman with black hair in navy blazer and blue shirt in front of blue and navy screen

Deborah S. Esquenazi Adapts Her 'Southwest of Salem' Doc for TV

The series centers on four Latinx lesbian women wrongfully accused of gang rape.

Black woman with black hair in beige dress in front of courtroom audience and brown wall

WATCH: Mariah Dillard Rules Harlem in 'Luke Cage' Trailer

“Harlem doesn’t need a hero. It needs a queen.”