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The 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah protects one of most significant cultural landscapes in the United States, with thousands of archaeological sites and important areas of spiritual significance.

Trump Announces Drastic Size Reduction of Bears Ears and Other Protected Monuments

What’s next, President Trump, the Grand Canyon?” asked one environmentalist. 

Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline To Run From Canada To Gulf Of Mexico

Keystone Pipeline Spill Caused By Construction Damage

The cause has officials concerned about additional leaks in the future. 

Brown men in green and yellow and red military regalia with blue ceremonial jewelry stand and sit near White man in black suit with purple tie in front of yellow and brown wall with red and yellow and green flags and red and white and blue banner

Navajo Nation President Reacts to Donald Trump's 'Pocahontas' Slur

The U.S. president used an honorific occasion to attack one of his political opponents over her claims to Native ancestry. Surprise: it didn’t go over well.  

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Four Centuries After the First Thanksgiving, the Mashpee Wampanoag Fight to Reclaim Their Language

The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, whose ancestors dined with Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, created a language immersion school to preserve its heritage.

Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline To Run From Canada To Gulf Of Mexico

The Keystone XL Pipeline Is a Go. Now What?

Environmentalists are declaring partial victory, while Indigenous leaders vow to continue fighting.

Keystone Oil Pipeline Protesters Demonstrate Outside Of Obama Fundraiser

Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210,000 Gallons of Oil

The spill potentially threatened a bordering Indigenous reservation.

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Native Activist and AIM Leader Dennis Banks Dies at Age 80

The American Indian Movement co-founder resisted the U.S. government’s oppression of Native people for decades.

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READ: How the Civil War Enabled Native Genocide in the Old West

A new article from The Nation explores the connection between the war and mid-1800s U.S. government campaigns against Indigenous peoples.

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Native Activist to Plea 'Necessity Defense' on #NoDAPL Felony Riot Charge

Standing Rock Sioux tribe member Chase Iron Eyes will argue that the Dakota Access Pipeline’s negative impact on Native communities justified his actions during the protests.

Two women stand next to each other in a field. There is a bus in the far right background. Facing the camera, the two women smile and hold their fists in the air.

Water Protectors Come Together for the Mní Wičoni Healing Gathering [PHOTO ESSAY]

Hundreds of water protectors, allies and supporters came together for healing, ceremony, celebration—and strategizing—at the Mní Wičoni Healing Gathering at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Illustration of Native man choked by White man on green grass surrounded by red and black outline; Illustration of White man attacking Native man on green grass in front of orange sky surrounded by white and blue outlines

You Have to See Whitesboro's New Official Town Seal, Now Featuring a White Man Wrestling a Native American

The old seal involved choking.

Caribou graze in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska in this undated file photo.

Senate Committee Confirms Guy Who Wants to Drill for Oil in Alaska to Work in Department of Interior

Joe Balash would oversee the Bureau of Land Management, which manages all federal lands and waters.

The 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah protects one of most significant cultural landscapes in the United States, with thousands of archaeological sites and important areas of spiritual significance.

Leaked Document Details Plans for Protected Status of National Monuments

The Washington Post obtained a report that the White House has not publicly disclosed.

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READ: Adam Beach on Hollywood's Erasure of Native Actors

“There is no need to cast non-Native performers and actresses in Native roles. This is not 1950. The practice of Whitewashing is unnecessary, unacceptable and discriminatory.”

A buried section of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline emerges a few miles north of the Yukon River on July 21, 2002 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Minnesota Department of Commerce Decides a New Oil Pipeline 'Isn't Needed'

Indigenous groups and environmentalists also oppose the 340-mile line.

Brown people in multicolored clothing stand waving green and red-white-yellow-and-black flags on steps of building with green and white stone

Los Angeles is Largest U.S. City to Replace Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples' Day

Council members voted 14-1 to replace the annual holiday with one that recognizes the Native peoples who occupied this land and resisted colonization.

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Independent Lakota Nation Creates Human Rights Office to Investigate Police Killings, Unsolved Disappearances

“The international community is required to investigate a high capacity of unexplained deaths that occur randomly to Indigenous people at the hands of law enforcement.”

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47 Years Ago: Native Activists Occupied Mount Rushmore to Protest Treaty Violations

In 1970, 23 Native activists scaled the presidential monument and renamed it “Crazy Horse Mountain” in protest of the U.S. government’s control of land it previously granted to the Sioux.

Ancient granaries, part of the House on Fire ruins, are shown here in the South Fork of Mule Canyon in the Bears Ears National Monument on May 12, 2017, outside Blanding, Utah.

Bears Ears Among National Monuments Facing Reduction in Size

The Department of the Interior proposes opening up acres of protected land to private interests.

San Gorgonio Mountains

Sand to Snow National Monument Keeps Protected Status

The area is a sacred place for many Native American tribes, and home to various endangered species.