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Blue-gray security screen with images of two shirtless brown men in insets

Riz Ahmed and Heems Slam TSA Profiling, Donald Trump in Swet Shop Boys' New 'T5' Music Video

The actor/rapper and ex-Das Racist member join forces as the duo Swet Shop Boys. They endure a surreal TSA “random search” in the video for a song off their upcoming album. 

Blue restaurant marquee with white lettering against red-and-brown brick walls and yellow cautionary tape

Racist Trolls Force Yelp to Shut Down Ahmad Khan Rahami's Family's Restaurant Page

Yelp spokesperson: “Reviews aren’t the place for rants about a business’s employment practices, political ideologies, extraordinary circumstances, or other matters that don’t address the core of the consumer experience.”

Collection of handmade 9/11 missing person posters outside of New York City's Saint Vincent Hospital

In Our Own Words: Reflections on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Muslim, Arab, South Asian and Sikh activists and allies recall where they were on September 11, 2001 and how that day has shaped their movements and resistance today. 

A Virgin Mary statue is seen in front of a flooded home on August 18, 2016, in St Amant, Louisiana.

Three Evacuations in 36 Hours, Fleeing From Disaster in Flood-Plagued Baton Rouge

With less than an hour’s notice, a mother of five fled her home, only to face a shelter or a costly hotel to house her family.

A sign is seen along a flooded road on August 15, 2016, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Record-breaking rains pelted Louisiana the weekend of August 12 leaving the city with historic levels of flooding that have caused at least 13 deaths and damaged homes.

Latest Numbers Show Louisiana Flooding Was Worse Than Initially Thought

Nearly 400,000 people in the Baton Rouge area were affected by the nonstop rainfall—and over one thousand are still in shelters.  

U.S. President Barack Obama walks out of the White House before boarding Marine One and departing to Louisiana August 23, 2016, in Washington, DC. Obama will survey historic flooding that has damaged more almost 70,000 homes and killed at least 13 people.

President Barack Obama in Baton Rouge Today

The president holds a press conference in Louisiana to further bring the flood crisis to national attention. 

Trump in navy suit at brown podium, blurry images of faces behind him

Somali-American Man to Donald Trump: 'I Am No Danger to the Community'

Somali Americans across the country responded to Trump’s allegation during a Maine campaign event that the refugee community drains resources and promotes terrorism.

Black Lives Matter Leaders Respond to Dallas Police Shooting

Via Twitter: “#BlackLivesMatter advocates for dignity, justice and freedom. Not murder.”

Colorlines Screenshot of CNN video interview with Philando Castile's family, taken on July 8, 2016

Diamond Reynolds: 'I Don't Want to Keep Reliving This Moment'

Philando Castile’s family gave their thoughts today on Dallas shooting, Castile’s body and how they want him remembered.

South Carolina Prosecutor Petitions to Try Charleston Shooter Case Before DOJ

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson: “The State can have no confidence that the United States will ever seek to carry out a death sentence regardless of the state sentence.”

Police in black riot gear by yellow and black crime scene tape, with a pool of red blood on the ground

Violence Breaks Out Between Neo-Nazis and Opponents in California

At least five people endured stab wounds durng Sunday’s clash.

"Miguel" in black shirt with brown background

Omar Mateen's Alleged Former Lover Describes Pulse Massacre as 'Revenge' for Rejection

“He adored Latinos, gay Latinos, with brown skin—but he felt rejected,” the man told Univision.

Three FBI investigators by damage site at Pulse, two in navy jackets with yellow "FBI" lettering

Feds Release Transcript From Omar Mateen's Phone Calls With Orlando Police

The Department of Justice and FBI released a full transcript—rather than the previously announced version with redacted sections about Mateen’s allegiance to ISIS—after criticism from lawmakers.

White man in dark suit and read tie stands at a lectern

Trump Says Nation Must 'Start' Racial Profiling to End Terrorism

“It’s not the worst thing to do.”

People stand looking at colorful memorial in front of white church

We Remember: The Charleston Massacre, 1 Year Later

Say their names.

FBI Cracks San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone, Drops Suit Against Apple

Many cricitized the FBI over concerns of privacy violations.

Let's Kill Them With Kindness

It’s very necessary for people to condemn the Islamophobia that spikes after terror attacks such as the ones in Brussels. But when non-Muslims claim that “tolerating” Muslim Americans protects everyone from Islamist terrorism, they feed into an insidious idea that all people who practice Islam are ticking time bombs. 

Brown sign with white text, with smaller white sign with black text attached, against background of brown and green flora

Burns Paiute Tribe Returns to Malheur Refuge Following Oregon 'Militia' Takeover

Burns Paiute tribal leaders, who previously criticized the mostly-White armed occupiers for never acknowledging the tribe’s historic rights to the land, were finally able to visit the refuge.

ICYMI: You Must Read the Letter Activists of Color Wrote to Support Apple Against the FBI

Signed by Shaun King, Opal Tometi and others, the letter criticizes the FBI’s insistence that Apple remove security protections to investigate suspects’ Apple products. 

This Documentary About a Black Muslim Teenage Girl Accused of Terrorism Airs Tonight

“Adama” airs on World Channel tonight at 8 p.m. EST