Jobs Crisis


The Crisis in Black and Brown Youth Unemployment

With one out four blacks and one out of six Latinos under the age of 25 without work, a generation of youth of color risks falling behind.

The Grinches Who Stole Jobless Benefits

And may further wreck the whole economy in the process.

The Illegal Background-Check Boom

Employers are increasingly skirting the law with hiring bans on people with criminal records–a trend that has been devastating for black and Latino workers.

How Fast Food Companies Steal Workers' Pay

Corporations like Burger King and Domino’s pay close attention to every detail of their franchisees business–except how they keep labor costs down.

The Real Invisible Obama Shows Up on Race and the Economy

The president has a plan to end the Depression-level unemployment in black and brown communities, thereby reversing the overall jobs picture. He refuses to say that, and it matters.

Honestly, the Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Because the GOP Wants It That Way

Yes, the president must do much more, but his jobs proposals if fully implemented would have put millions back to work by now–including in hard-hit black communities. The problem is petty politics, not economic policy.

Obama Was Right. It's the (Public Sector) Economy, Stupid

This weekend, President Obama took a beating for declaring the private sector “fine.” But he was correct. The real jobs crisis is in the public sector, and Obama’s the only one with a plan to fix it. Turns out, that’s also the only real plan to deal with black joblessness.

Is This the Calm Before Another Storm? How the Economy May Get Worse, Fast

Greek austerity? Eurozone collapse? What’s this got to do with the financial slog so many communities of color are still facing in the U.S.? For starters, it could make things a lot harder, soon. Imara Jones offers a primer–and preventive steps.

The U.S. Jobs Crisis Summed Up: If You Fail To Plan, You Plan to Fail

Today’s jobs report tells most Americans already what they already know: We’re still mired in joblessness. But Imara Jones argues we should really fear the larger problem: There remains no plan for getting unstuck.

Why Tea Party Lawmakers Are Trying to Conflate Poverty and Drug Addiction

Since 2010, a new meme has spread to dozens of states: Drug testing people who apply for safety net benefits. The goal is to change economic debates into a culture war over who does and does not deserve help.

Georgia Governor Signs Welfare Drug Testing Bill Into Law

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal approved a bill on Monday evening that will soon require all applicants to the state cash assistance program to pass a drug test.

Reality Returns: Huge Black Job Gains Disappear in February Report

The sudden, sharp drop in black unemployment that set economists buzzing in January appears to have in fact been so much statistical noise. The February 2012 job numbers are out and black unemployment went right back up, to 14.1 percent (roughly double that of white unemployment, a disparity that has held for decades).

The Auto Bailout Saved Michigan--If You Don't Count Black Workers

Mitt Romney and President Obama have slugged it out over the Detroit bailout. It’s clear at this point that the bailout revived the auto industry. But thus far, it’s not been enough to heal the most ailing part of Michigan’s economy: black employment.

How Economists Tally Unemployment--and Its Affect on the Black Jobless Rate

January saw a remarkable three-point drop in black joblessness. Economists are skeptical it’s real. But why? Put on your data nerd hat, because we’ve got the explanation.

House GOP's Jobless Image: Drugged Out, Lazy and in Need of a GED

That’s the picture Republicans want in voters’ minds, too, as Congress prepares for yet another brutal round of jousting over unemployment benefits.

What Drove a Sudden, Steep Drop in Black Unemployment? Nobody Knows

Black unemployment dropped a whopping 3 percent in January, fueled by hiring of black men. Economists who’ve tracked black joblessness are waiting for the other shoe to drop–was it a statistical quirk, or is there a jobs renaissance afoot in black America?

What Congress Could Do on Jobs, While Hiding Behind Locked Doors

Several lawmakes literally hid from thousands who swarmed the Capitol this week to demand action on jobs. Here’s some of the actions they could have long ago taken.

Got a Hustle to Pay Rent While Jobless? You're Part of a $1T Economy

Neither the public nor private sector is doing much to create jobs, and those that are popping up aren’t very good ones. So a lot of folks are taking matters into their own hands.

Is President Obama's Jobs Drumbeat Working?

No, Obama can’t wave his magic wand and pass bills. But he can use the substantial bully pulpit he occupies to at least force the right conversation. He’s been doing so for weeks, and there are signs that it’s working.

Six Cities Where Black People Are Living in a Depression

Black unemployment is at levels comparable to the Great Depression in six cities. But then again, black populations in dozens of cities were in acute recessions before the national crisis ever began. The actual numbers are striking.