Immigration Reform


Ann Coulter Suggests Creating 'Death Squads' if Immigration Reform Passes

At the recent CPAC convention, Coulter makes several outrageous comments about immigrants and those who support immigration reform.

Whatever Happened to Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Twenty thirteen was supposed to be the year for sweeping immigration reform. Here’s a step-by-step review of what did–and didn’t–happen.

Luis Gutierrez Shames Obama and Republicans on Immigration Reform Impass

Gutierrez says, ‘There’s much more the President can do about deportations.’

A Group of Immigration Activists Disrupt ICE

How a group of protestors–many undocumented–interrupted business as usual.

New Report Illustrates Obstacles for Transgender Immigrants

Being undocumented and transgender poses unique and difficult circumstances for immigrants in the U.S.

Thousands of People Marched for Immigration Reform This Weekend

Here’s a look at demonstrations in three cities.

Immigration Marches Planned in 150 Cities for Saturday

Will you be attending?

Dispatch From Eloy: Detained, and Waiting for Reform

Inside Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, the newly prolonged wait for immigration reform is drearily familiar.

Seven of the Dream 30 Group Have Been Released

Activists want to know what will happen with the others hoping to return to their communities in the U.S.

Dream 30 and Others Cross the Border

It is yet unknown whether they will be placed into detention.

The 'Dream 30' Risk Detention to Return to the U.S.

A group of 30 undocumented immigrants are following in the footsteps of the Dream 9 in an attempt return to the U.S. Inside one activist’s struggle since she left the States.

Is Obama's Refusal to Halt Deportations Justified?

His justifications for not suspending deportations for new classes of immigrants look increasingly flimsy.

Three Faces of DACA

A year after Deferred Action for Child Arrivals was launched, young people are having very different experiences with the program.

'A Girl Hanged Herself Here'

70 women go on hunger strike at Eloy Detention Center to protest terrifying conditions and demand their own releases.

Dream 9 Mom: "My Son Is a Warrior"

For family and friends of the Dream 9 border crossers, activism is catching.

Are Representative King's Racist Anti-Immigrant Remarks Anything New?

The lawmaker’s comments about drug mules are just the latest in a long history of anti-Mexican sentiment.

Undocumented Activists Take a Giant Risk to Return Home

The so-called Dream 9 crossed the U.S./Mexico border yesterday amid cheers from supporters. Now comes the hard part: actually staying in the United States.

Conservatives, House Locked on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The House is back in session this week–but it’s unclear whether they’ll move forward on comprehensive immigration reform.

New App Helps U.S. Immigrants Apply for Citizenship

Applying for U.S. citizenship just got a little bit easier.

Senate Bill's Familiar Calculus: Enforcement for Citizenship

The question remains: Will the House take the bargain, or will it become only more enforcement.