Felipe Montes

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Rep. Gutierrez: Stop Deporting Parents as Reform Debate Unfolds

After new data reveals rapid pace of parental deportation, key congressional leader and advocates pressure President Obama to broaden his DREAM Act order.

Nearly 205K Deportations of Parents of U.S. Citizens in Just Over Two Years

New data obtained by Colorlines.com shows the disturbing pace of parental deportation has not changed, despite ICE vow to use greater “discretion.”

A Deported Father Wins a Long, Painful Fight to Keep His Kids

Felipe Montes’s story drew national attention and rare federal intervention not because it is unique, but because it is increasingly common.

Felipe Montes Enters Final Day Of Testimony In Fight For His Kids

One deported man’s struggle to regain parental custody of his children enters its final stage.

Deported Father Granted More Time To Fight For His Kids

Felipe Montes has been granted an extension to his humanitarian parole.

Deported Dad Granted Visits With His Children, But Not His Parental Rights

Felipe Montes is still fighting to save his family.

Calif. Gov Protects Some Immigrant Families, Leaves Others Out in the Cold

The bills, inspired in part by Colorlines.com’s Shattered Families investigation, take steps to stop U.S. citizen children from getting stuck in foster care if their parents are detained and deported.

Decision on Deported Dad's Parental Rights Will Have to Wait

The protracted case over Felipe Montes’s parental rights will continue another day.

Federal Departments Will Research Children and Immigration Enforcement

Seth Freed Wessler reports.

Deported Dad's Parental Rights Hearing is Postponed

Felipe Montes has been fighting for 21 months to regain custody of his three children.

How the 'Best Interest' Bias of Family Court Threatens Immigrant Parents

As recent news shows, determining what’s in a kid’s best interest is far from an objective standard. It’s easily swayed by biases about poor people, about undocumented people, about people of color.

Deported Father Returns to Fight For His Children in Exceptional Case

Felipe Montes is one of thousands of deported or detained parents fighting to keep custody of their U.S. citizen children. He has won a rare chance at the due process child courts grant everyone else.

Deported Dad Wins Rare 'Parole' to Re-Enter Country for Custody Hearing

The highly unusual reprieve from ICE follows intense public scrutiny of Felipe Montes’ case since Colorlines.com broke the story of his family’s separation.

California Pols Move to Keep Immigrant Families Unified During Deportation

In reaction to Colorlines.com’s investigation, a state Assembly bill seeks to strengthen parents’ rights to stay in contact with children and child welfare case workers while detained.

Justice Delayed in Deported Dad's Fight to Regain Custody of Kids

Weeks after his case gained national media attention, Felipe Montes says that the North Carolina’s family reunification system is actually set up to work against him.

California Senate Moves To Protect Immigrant Families in Deportation

Nearly a quarter of the U.S. citizen children that Colorlines.com found stuck in foster care as parents moved through detention and deportation are in California. The state Senate is moving forward with a bill that would keep their families together.

Have You Fought to Help Felipe Montes Reunite With His Kids? [Reader Forum]

Last week Colorlines.com com reported a stunning story about a North Carolina family being ripped apart by deportation. The campaign that followed that story has already made a difference.

Deported Dad Begs North Carolina To Give Him Back His Children

Nobody argues whether Felipe Montes is a great dad. But the state doesn’t want to send his U.S. citizen kids to Mexico, so he may lose them forever. The Montes are among a growing number of families facing similar crises.

Obama: Kids Stuck in Foster Care Due to Deportation a 'Real Problem'

President Obama says his administration must “make sure that children aren’t torn from their parents without due process.” A Colorlines.com investigation concluded at least 5,100 kids are stuck in foster care because their parents are detained or deported.

U.S. Deports 46K Parents With Citizen Kids in Just Six Months

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals nearly a quarter of people deported in first half of 2011 were parents with U.S. citizen children. That’s a dramatic increase from the 10-year period before the Obama administration.