Criminal Justice

Prison. Long shot of prison cells with bars.

170 Incarcerated Transgender Women Sue Colorado Corrections for Discrimination

Attorney Paula Greisen: “These women are targets and they’re being treated as chattel.”  


 Alfre Woodard and Jamie Foxx. A middle-aged Black woman with brown curly hair and Black man with short hair cut.

Alfre Woodard and Jamie Foxx On Playing Roles Set In Prisons

Foxx: “The reason I don’t want to go see somebody in jail is because I don’t want to get used to that.”

Close-up of a black man and black woman with somber expressions on their faces.

Trayvon Martin's Family Responds to George Zimmerman's $100 Million Lawsuit

Zimmerman was acquitted of killing the teenager in 2012. Now, he is accusing Martin’s parents and others of defamation.

John Leguizamo.Latinx man wearing black hat and vest and blue shirt holding up comic books.

John Leguizamo Introduces New Latinx Superhero in Comic Book 'PhenomX'

“I’m making this with the Latinx community.”

A black man wearing a blue jersey is violently handcuffed and arrested by two white police officers.

Attorney General Says 'Communities' That Don't 'Respect' Cops Could Lose Access to Law Enforcement

William Barr, while speaking to an audience filled with police officers, also said cops deserve to be cheered in the streets.

Randy Gardner is removed by police while wearing his executed brother's prison jumpsuit during an anti death penalty protest at the US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on January 17, 2017.

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Allow Federal Executions After 16-Year Break

The DOJ made the request hours after an appeals court denied the agency’s attempt to schedule four executions.

Three Black people, two women and one man, smile and cry tears of joy as they embrace.

Three Black Men Exonerated After Spending 36 Years in Prison

Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart were exonerated in the murder of a 14-year-old Baltimore boy named DeWitt Duckett.

View of metal prison bars inside a prison

Advocates Convince Prosecutors to Visit Prisons Nationwide

Fair and Just Prosecution urges those at the “front door” of the justice system to witness the decay and overcrowding plaguing the nation’s correctional facilities.

Six men wearing different colored shirts sitting at a long wooden table outside, talking.

'College Behind Bars' Spotlights Fight For Education

The new PBS documentary follows 12 incarcerated people as they win national debates and work to earn college degrees.

View of a long hallway inside a prison. A person's arms can be seen hanging through prison bars.

New Report Exposes Dangers of Costly Criminal Justice Fees

These fines, which disproportionally impact communities of color, burden people with massive debt that affects their ability to successfully reenter society.

Jussie Smollet. Black man wearing dark suit with sunglasses surrounded by media.

Jussie Smollett Countersues City of Chicago for 'Extreme Emotional Distress'

The city sued Smollett in April seeking reimbursement for its investigation into the alleged racist and homophobic attack on the actor.

Ayanna Pressley. Black woman in a green, blue and tan striped dress as she stands behind a podium and gives a speech.

Ayanna Pressley Seeks to Remake Criminal Justice System

The Representative from Massachusetts introduces legislation that calls for a “decarceration-focused” system that is “smaller, safer, less punitive and more humane.”

Protester hold sign that reads "hate has no home here"

FBI Report Shows Fewer Hate Crimes, But More Hate-Driven Violence

The report uncovered an increase in hate-related homicides and assaults against individuals.

Brown gavel on brown table.

Black Woman Judge Under Attack for Calling Out Racism

Lori Landry, the first Black woman elected to Louisiana’s 16th Judicial District, is being called unfit to judge for saying that Black people are unfairly treated in the legal system. But her supporters aren’t having it.

Inside of a prison showing cells.

Formerly Incarcerated Leaders Host Historic Presidential Town Hall

The Marshall Project and Voters Organized to Educate host first-ever town hall led by formerly incarcerated activists.

Courtroom. Empty courtroom showing judge and juror benches.

Study Says When Women of Color Enter Prosecutor Races, They Win

A new study from the Reflective Democracy Campaign showed that while White men still dominate as elected prosecutors, women of all races and men of color are winning at higher rates when they compete for the same seats.

Naomie Harris. Black woman with braids wearing police uniform.

'Black and Blue' Star Naomie Harris Talks Race and Policing

“The aim of this film is also to reignite dialogue and get people outraged again and hopefully get them active.”

Project Reset. Older Black man with bald hand standing in front of colorful artwork.

Arts-Based Diversion Program Expands to Combat Incarceration In New York City

Project Reset, a diversion program for teenagers accused of low-level offenses, will now be offered to adults in more parts of the city.

Atatiana Jefferson. A 28-year-old Black woman killed by white police officer Aaron Dean

Officer Who Killed Atatiana Jefferson Charged With Murder

The city’s police chief apologized for the shooting death, but the victim’s relatives say the former officer’s arrest is just the beginning of their fight for justice.

Large white and orange Amazon logo beside a building

Activists Urge Lawmakers to End Amazon Ring Partnerships With Police

More than 30 organizations published a joint letter that details how the app threatens civil liberties and puts people of color at disproportionate risk.