Walmart Backs Away From ALEC's Quest to Suppress Black Voters

Walmart Stores Inc., announced late Wednesday it’s suspending its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the right-wing policy group that has worked to suppress the black vote and promoted “Kill at Will” gun laws.

Why Tea Party Lawmakers Are Trying to Conflate Poverty and Drug Addiction

Since 2010, a new meme has spread to dozens of states: Drug testing people who apply for safety net benefits. The goal is to change economic debates into a culture war over who does and does not deserve help.

Bobby Jindal, Using ALEC Playbook, Radically Reshapes Public Education

Louisiana now has the most expansive school voucher system in the nation. How that happened is a lesson for the school wars nationwide.

ALEC Scraps Voter ID and 'Kill at Will' Task Force

ALEC finally cuts loose its task force responsible for popularizing legislation that obstructs voting rights and allows gun owners to kill at will.

Coke, Pepsi and Kraft Have Pulled Out of ALEC--Is That Enough?

Coke and Pepsi said they were only in ALEC for the work around discriminatory food and beverage taxes. It would have been nice if they cited the discriminatory impact of voter ID laws.

Kris Kobach and the Connection Between Restrictive Voting and Immigration Laws

An avowed leader of the anti-immigrant agenda is skipping his job–educating his state’s voters about new voting procedures–to work with groups around the country who want to make obtaining an ID an even thornier process for immigrants.

The Wealthy One Percent That's Behind Minnesota's Voter ID Push

The perennial swing state’s wealthiest finance institutions and conservative political operatives are banding together to disenfranchise millions of voters, according to a new report.

U.S. Multinationals Revive NAFTA-Style Trade Deals on Capitol Hill

From the food industry to tea party benefactor David Koch, corporatists are hammering lawmakers to move pacts that have been stalled since the Bush era.

NPR Investigation: Private Prison Companies Helped Write SB 1070

Industry saw model bill to create “enhanced opportunities” for driving profits.