9/11 Anniv.

Ten Years Since the Murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi, First 9/11 Hate Crime

It’s a sad reminder of the hate that followed 9/11.

What Would Your Immigrant Ancestors Think of the I-Word?

In this video, Colorlines.com hits the streets of NYC to find out what people know about their families’ immigration history.

A Letter to My Son on Coping With Mass Violence

As you grow older, you’ll have many opportunities to make positive change. What values will you put into practice? Answering this question may be the best way to honor those whose lives were so tragically cut short.

Obama's Unprecedented Use of State Secrets to Defend Religious Profiling

President Obama vowed as a candidate to end George W. Bush’s use of the state secrets privilege to get lawsuits thrown out of court. Instead, the administration is wielding it in previously unused ways to defend widespread profiling of Muslim Americans.

A Family Affair: Who's Left Behind After the FBI's Fake Terror Stings

The FBI is paying thousands of untrained informants to spy on law-abiding Muslim Americans. The program has justified itself with a series of prosecutions that are as questionable as they are high-profile. Here are the families who were left behind.

The 9/11 Story I Choose to Tell: We All Belong to Each Other

I can’t call myself a person who values inclusion and compassion and then pick and choose those whom I accept. I can disagree, but I can’t disown. Not if I want to help build a nation that constructs rather than destroys, that frees rather than enslaves.