Oakland, CA

Yvonne Yen Liu is a senior researcher at the Applied Research Center, a racial justice think and action tank, which publishes In addition to contributing regularly to, Yvonne has been published in Yes Magazine, In These Times, and Alternet. She serves on the board of SmartMeme and the advisory committee for the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

Yvonne has a BA in cultural anthropology from Columbia University and a MA degree in sociology from the CUNY Graduate Center, where she pursued a PhD.

Yvonne considers herself part of the post-Seattle generation, global justice activists both influenced and critical of the anti-WTO mobilizations. She cofounded NYC Summer, a youth of color organizing school, and served on the boards of WBAI 99.5 FM

Trained to Fail

Workers nationwide are getting the skills to join a new green economy. Problem is, it doesn’t exist. How Reagan’s job-training ghost haunts our response to unemployment.

Tiger Woods Likes White Women, So What?

White women Tiger Woods has been linked to Say it. Tiger Woods has a thing for white women. That’s the unspoken message haunting photos documenting Tiger Woods’ fall from grace: a series of white women, some blonde, others brunette, but all clearly racialized as white.