Tram is the author of We Are All Suspects Now: Untold Stories from Immigrant Communities after 9/11 . She is former editor of ColorLines magazine and now works at the California Reinvestment Coalition.

Growing Power

Will Allen, a 2008 Colorlines Magazine Innovator, was recently awarded the “genius grant” $500,000 as a 2008 MacArthur Fellow.

Ratner's Work Connects Racial Justice and Civil Liberties

It may be baffling to some people why the American public hasn’t become outraged by the fact that our government conducts torture in our name, even in the wake of Abu Ghraib and the transformation of once-obscure terms like “rendition” and “waterboarding” into the vernacular of popular culture. Is it because many of us have been kept in the dark by a combination of the government’s secrecy and the media’s negligence?