Megan Izen Megan received her degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Mathematics from Sonoma State University in 2005. Megan was the Editorial Assistant for ColorLines Magazine and the Program Coordinator for Mamas & Papas, an LGBT family discussion group in San Francisco, CA. Her writing has been published by ColorLines, RaceWire, and New America Media.

Obama Death Threaths Up 400% From Former Presidents

A few weeks ago, my 82-year-old grandma expressed her dismay at Glenn Beck’s racist attacks against the President and asked me ‘What’s happening to this country?’ Since then we’ve watched in horror as Beck went on a crusade against Van Jones and a new book reports that death threats against Obama are four times greater than any other President in the history of the United States and up a staggering 400 perce

Rinku Sen on the Racial Dialogue in US

ARC’s Rinku Sen weighs in on the country’s racial dialogue with an Obama administration from the Washington Post. Top Officials Expand The Dialogue on Race Month’s Celebrations Evoke a Mix of Views By Krissah Thompson When the country’s racial chasms seemed to threaten President Obama’s election, his team had to tread carefully. A month into his administration, the tone has changed.

Internment in America

I want to thank Joe Arpaio. He puts the proper face on sadistic anti-immigrant groups across the country. The Maricopa County Sheriff has brought the issue of immigration and inhumane detention centers to the forefront. Placing over two-hundred immigrant detainees in a Tent City, segregating them from US born incarcerated people, he has exposed our modern day internment camps. Since 9/11, thousands upon thousands of immigrants have been detained and deported.