Katti Gray Prize-winning, veteran journalist Katti has covered hard news and soft: Presidential hopefuls; statehouse lawmakers; hometown heroes; time-honored and pop celebrities; floundering schools in Appalachia; New Feminism’s younger adherents; juveniles on death row; the fight for running water on an outlying Mississippi road, a one-of-a-kind university think thank run by formerly incarcerated persons with Ph.Ds. Ms., Vibe, The Crisis, Odyssey Couleur, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New Orleans Times-Picayune, and Toronto Star are among those that have published her work. For 2010’s relaunched Jet, she writes a twice-monthly column. On Essence magazine’s masthead, she is listed as a contributing writer. She files regularly for news organizations including DailyYonder.com, SHRM.org, TheRoot.com, Diverse Issues in Higher Education and Newsday in New York, where she previously spent 16 years fu

Crime, Punishment and Black Politics

Political leaders and thinkers increasingly identify criminal justice as a defining civil rights concern. But as the reaction to Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ killing suggests, that’s not always an easy sell in Black neighborhoods.