ACORN and Al Sharpton Confront Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio

Over the weekend, groups gathered in Phoenix to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racist policing. Al Sharpton joined the voices calling attention to the civil rights violations against immigrants. via New America Media by Khalil Abdullah
Today, on Juneteenth, a date steeped in the rich symbolism of freedom for African Americans, community organization ACORN intends to raise the banner of comprehensive immigration reform by announcing the launch of The Black Leadership Immigration Project from the pulpit of a Phoenix, Ariz., church.

Michelle Obama on Wage Discrimination

The First Lady makes remarks on gender discrimination in the workplace before introducing Lilly Ledbetter at the signing reception for the Fair Pay Act in honor of the law’s namesake.

Did Oakland Police Cover Up Another Murder?

There is “strong circumstantial evidence” that police covered up the 2000 beating of drug suspect Jerry Amaro III, who died a month after suffering broken ribs, according to confidential city documents obtained late Wednesday. Two other people also arrested in the same drug sting and put in a police car with Amaro later told investigators Amaro was “complaining constantly that he was in pain, and wanted to see a doctor and that (he) was sweating profusely, consistent with a painful injury,” the document states. Amaro was denied immediate medical care.

American Indians Could Get $3B From Stimulus

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday included $2.8 billion for Indian tribes in its portion of the nearly $900 billion economic stimulus bill, and a House version to be voted on Wednesday includes a similar amount. That includes hundreds of millions of dollars for schools, health clinics, roads, law enforcement and water projects. Dante Desiderio, an economic development policy specialist at the National Congress of American Indians, which has lobbied for the money for the past year, calls the bill a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for tribes.