Live from Death Row

As Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case reaches a new turning point, prison activists reflect on his significance to the reform and abolition movements.

Politicking the Border

The deaths of 17 migrants in an overheated semi trailer brought on a bout of political hand-wringing. But what will escalating atrocities at the border mean for long-term change to enforcement policies?

Staffing the Homeland

The feds are avidly pursuing “diversity” hires, but what are the risks of representing at security and intelligence agencies?

Bush's Winning Hand: Racial Tokens in the Administration

Enemy Agent: Viet D. Dinh

Day Job: Assistant Attorney General
Hideout: Department of Justice
Resume highlights: Senate Whitewater Committee, Georgetown University Law profesor
Accomplices: John Ashcroft, Pete Domenici, Bob Dornan, Sandra Day O’Connor
Sworn Enemies: Communists, ACLU, Hillary Clinton
Languages: Vietnamese, Legalese, Doublespeak

Learning Under Lockdown

Prison college programs, decimated by a ‘94 crime bill, have begun a slow comeback. As more people of color attend classes behind bars, the politics of prison education are once again up for debate.