Dom Apollon Dominique, Research Director, is a graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A., American Government, 1996), and received his doctorate in political science from Stanford University in 2003.  His dissertation, “Relieving the Toxic Burden?: Race, Hazardous Wastes, and the Politics of the Environmental Justice Movement” examined the distribution of toxic wastes in the state of California from 1989-1999, as well as the corresponding grassroots political activity and participation.  Dom has taught undergraduate seminars on the politics of race/ethnicity at Stanford University and Santa Clara University, and served as an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at California State University, Bakersfield, where he taught courses on U.S. Constitutional Law, Introductory American Politics, Environmental Pol Survey: What Explains Racial Disparities?

In a national survey, we asked people why the American Dream turns nightmarish for many people of color. Big majorities blame class. But whites are more likely to point to individual initiative, while blacks in particular see race as a problem.

Elena Kagan is No Thurgood Marshall

Obama’s second Supreme Court nominee clerked for one of history’s greatest racial justice champions. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her career since.

Obama Plans to "Shame" Banks, But Offers No Help for People Drowning In Their Mortgages

Unsatisfied with all the foot dragging this country’s major mortgage lenders have been doing with its beleaguered home loan modification program, the Obama administration last week announced that it plans to begin “shaming” lenders who aren’t being responsive enough to the urgent, widespread need to reduce homeowner’s mortgage payments. According to Elizabeth Warren’s recent Congressional Oversight Panel report (see p.

Investment Opportunity!: Countrywide Alumni Profiting from Economic Crisis Now Seek Investors

The New York Times is reporting today that alumni from Countrywide Financial – one of the chief culprits of the greed-fueled subprime mortgage debacle that largely sparked our current global economic crisis – are now profiting from the purchase of “delinquent home mortgages that the government took over from other failed banks, sometimes for pennies on the dollar.” The article’s analogy of the arsonist profiting from the sale of the charred land seems to be an appropriate one.

Assessing Racial Equity Impacts in the Stimulus - Part II (Education)

ARC_stimulus_educ020609.jpg The figure above shows that if the House stimulus package passes, the District of Columbia, which is 2/3 people of color, is likely to receive a good chunk of change for school modernization in comparison to the rest of the nation. From a racial equity perspective, a substantial and even disproportionate infusion of support for the schools in our nation’s capital likely can be justified given the disproportionate need and decades of neglect.

Racial Justice Advocates Get in Gear at "Driving Change" Panel

“The Alliance for Justice held a panel discussion, “Driving Change — The Role of Activists During the Obama Administration” yesterday at UDC’s campus. And while, people of color were given mostly passing reference by the panelists and audience questions, there was without question useful information and perspectives for racial justice advocates to be thinking about beyond today’s post-(symbolic)victory celebrations.