“Young Lakota,” a film about how South Dakota’s anti-abortion battle has played out on the Pine Ridge reservation, will make its national debut tonight on PBS’ Independent Lens series at 10pm EST.

More than just political commentary, the film follows the personal journeys of two young Native Americans who grapple with decisions about their own reproductive health.

Here’s more from Christina Rose at Indian Country:

The documentary is the centerpiece of the filmmaker’s reproductive justice campaign. From 2006 to 2008, women’s rights were front and center when South Dakota sought to outlaw abortion. Cecelia Fire Thunder, the first woman tribal president in Pine Ridge, moved to establish a women’s clinic on the reservation, and it have included the right to choose.

Fire Thunder was ultimately impeached for her unyielding position that all women deserve to make their own decisions about their personal choices. The film covers her impeachment and the effect it had on the 21-year-old Clifford twins. Their friend Brandon Ferguson, a young father, begins the film as a journalist covering the impeachment, but clearly is at odds with his feelings about abortion and friendships are tested. The impeachment had a direct affect on the lives of all three, who begin to question traditions that are brought to the fore.

Read more at Indian Country. And if you can’t tune in tonight, you’re in luck. It’s set to be available for streaming on PBS’ website through the week. Also, here’s an update from one of the film’s kick-ass stars, Sunny Clifford