rastawig.jpgH/T AngryAsianMan I know many people are already excitedly planning their costumes for this year’s Halloween celebrations, so I thought we could provide a guide to help: How To Not Dress Like a Racist on Halloween 1. Don’t paint your skin black (or any other color) to be another race. I know this is a hard one. You don’t think you can really dress like Barack Obama if you don’t put shoe polish on your face. But let me tell you, it can be done. 2. Leave the racist wigs at home. No Rasta wigs, “Chinese man” wigs, or anything other hairpiece that is supposed to represent racial identity. 3. Even as Halloween decoration, lynching is still NOT ok. We’ve seen Obama effigies in Oregon, Indiana, Kentucky, and California. Enough is enough. Feel free to leave comments. Add some rules to the list. Happy Halloween.