Kamala “Ms. Marvel” Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, appears bound for her film debut. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed as much in a clip from an interview with the BBC that appeared online on Friday (May 11) before the outlet ran a partial transcript today (May 14). 

“‘Captain Marvel’ is shooting right now with Brie Larson [in the lead role],” Feige said in the clip. “Ms. Marvel, which is another character in the comic books, the Muslim hero who was inspired by Captain Marvel, is definitely, sort of, in the works. We have plans for that once we’ve introduced Captain Marvel.” 

Marvel published its first comic focused on Khan, “Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal,” in 2014. It depicts Khan as a Pakistani-American teenager in Jersey City, New Jersey, who suddenly discovers an ability to shapeshift. 

Fans celebrated Feige’s disclosure and opined about how to best depict Khan on social media: