On May 1st 1992–just two day after the civil unrest in Los Angeles started–thousands of Angelenos marched for peace around Koreatown. It’s an event that is not often highlighted in “L.A. Riots” coverage.

In Colorlines.com’s recent story “Two Decades Later, Children of the L.A. Riots Share Memories,” a young man named Paul, who went to the Peace March when he was just 8-years old recalled the event.

“I do distictly remember the chant that we said, ‘We want peace and we want justice,’ and we just kept on chanting that over and again,” Paul says in the video. 

Watch NBC Los Angeles affiliate KNBC’s archived news coverage above and then watch Paul’s clip below who share his memory of the event twenty-years later.

Watch Paul’s video below and catch up on more “Children of the L.A. Riots” videos by visiting Colorlines.com/1992.