There’s been lots of talk about school lunches recently. Michelle Obama’s campaign against obesity has no doubt brought new and long overdue attention to what millions of school kids are eating at lunch time in schools across the country, and it’s all part of a much larger movement to bring attention to the nation’s growing food crisis. Jonathan Makiri over at NPR recently showed that the U.S. is late to the party on school lunch makeovers. Admittedly, not too many of these look very appetizing. But, hey. Baby steps, right?

tater_tots_030111.jpgSchool lunch in Connecticut. (Creative Commons/Ben+Sam)

chili_030111.jpgSchool lunch in Austin, Texas: turkey taco salad, mashed potatoes, peach cobbler and iced tea. (Creative Commons/bookgrl)

korea_lunch_030111.jpgSchool lunch in Seoul, Korea (Creative Commons/shinyai)

pizza_030111.jpgSchool lunch: pizza, garden salad with cheese, jello with cream and chocolate milk. (Creative Commons/chalkdog)

china_lunch_030111.jpgSchool lunch in China. (Creative Commons/kosmosxipo)

corn_dog_030111.jpgSchool lunch. (Creative Commons/7bikframesweldedtogether)

japan_lunch_030111.jpgSchool lunch in Japan. (Creative Commons/chidorian)

chili_dog_030111.jpgSchool lunch. (Creative Commons/john.murden)