Univision’s María Elena Salinas asked President Obama yesterday to explain to Latinos why he didn’t keep his immigration promise to them. “It’s very simple. We couldn’t get any republican votes. Zero. None.” Even though he couldn’t keep his promise, Obama says he’ll win the Latino vote no matter who he runs against because of his stance on issues that matter to Latino like the economy, healthcare and the DREAM Act. “On a whole range of issues, whether it’s Mr. Romney, Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Santorum or wherever else they might decide to select they represent a fundamentally different vision of America and it’s not the bold, generous forward-looking optimistic America that I think built this country,” Obama said. Latinos still favor President Obama over all the Republican candidates by a wide margin, [according to a new poll conducted by Latino Decisions for Univision News and ABC News.](http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/obama-leads-by-wide-margins-among-latinos-but-florida-in-play-for-gop/) While some Latinos have complained about Obama’s failed promise to take up immigration reform and bring down the country’s unemployment rate -53 percent say they are less excited about Obama than they were three years ago – for the most part they remain supportive of the president.