Ottawa based Native Producer/DJ crew A Tribe Called Red will play South by Southwest on Friday and Saturday nights. DJ Shub, DJ NDN and Bear Witness will bring their unique mix of Native powwow chants, hip-hop and dubstep beats to the music festival in Austin, Texas.

The DJ collective’s self-titled 2012 debut album was released for free online without the backing of a record label–the DJ crew says they’re interested in controlling their own image.

“If you’re First Nations in Canada, just the fact that you’re even alive is a political statement,” Ian “DJ NDN” Campeau told last month.

“We’re always being looked at through the lens of colonialism, and we’re never portraying ourselves. We’re starting to take control of that, but it’s really just beginning. Something as simple as being photographed laughing can start to change the way we’re perceived, and challenges the stereotype,” Bear Witness told

If you’re not in Austin you can still enjoy A Tribe Called Red’s music by downloading their latest album for free on

A Tribe Called Red will perform in Austin, Texas on Friday and Saturday night.

Grey_star Friday, March 15

1:00AM — 1:50AM 

Speakeasy 412 Congress Ave

Saturday, March 16 

10:00PM -10:45PM 

Townhouse 303 W 5th St