Civil rights group on Monday launched a campaign calling on the US Department of Justice to take over the case of Trayvon Martin, arrest the man who shot him, and launch an independent investigation into the Sanford Police Department’s unwillingness to protect Martin’s civil rights.

“The tragic killing of Trayvon Martin and subsequent mishandling of this case by Sanford police is yet another reminder that to some, simply being Black in America is a crime,” ColorOfChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson said in a statement.. “While the campaign for justice in this case will not bring back Trayvon, this is an opportunity for people of all races to stand with his family and families across the country who have seen the impact of a justice system that places so little values on the lives and dignity of Black people.”

In an email to members, the organization makes the case that Sanford police botched their questioning of Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood that shot and killed Martin. ColorOfChange members are now signing a petition calling on federal intervention on the grounds that Sanford police refused to take the full statements of witnesses and pressured neighbors to side with the shooter’s claim of self-defense.

According to ColorOfChange, Sanford police have moved Martin’s case over to the State’s Attorneys office who is claiming that there is not enough evidence to support even a manslaughter conviction.