Jose Antonio Vargas is on the cover of the new issue of TIME Magazine.

The terms “undocumented,” “unauthorized” and the the phrase “not legal” are used instead of the “i-word.”

On the cover, photographed by Gian Paul Lozza, Vargas stands before 35 other undocumented immigrants living across the country.

“This Time magazine issue is going to reach a lot of homes and a lot of white people and non-immigrants of all backgrounds that may have a deeper conversation on immigration and immigrants as a result of reading it,” said Mónica Novoa, campaign coordinator of the Drop the I-Word public education campaign.

“We hope people will pay attention to the choice to put the i-word in quotes and to use ‘undocumented’ instead. We applaud Define American, Jose Antonio Vargas and all of the young people involved, and hope this sparks an interest in more people standing up for immigrant rights,” Novoa went on to say.

“As members of a society with supposedly evolved human values we must answer this question: Are we ok with creating an underclass of people and denying a large segment of the population the right to affordable education, life-saving healthcare, fair labor and the right to have in-tact families?”