Deadline revealed today (December 3) that Marvel tapped “Wonder Woman 1984” screenwriter Dave Callaham to pen the comic giant’s first film with an Asian protagonist.

Marvel first introduced “Shang-Chi’s” eponymous lead character in the 1970s. He practiced martial arts under the tutelage of his father, whom he eventually learned was a manipulative criminal mastermind.

Callaham, who Deadline identifies as Chinese American, will reportedly draw on his own heritage and integrate Asian and Asian-American topics the same way “Black Panther” explored both African and African-American identity. Marvel is currently looking for a director from the Asian diaspora to bring the screenplay to life, and aims to create a franchise based on the character.

This is the studio’s second forthcoming project led by an Asian artist. Chloé Zhao is directing “The Eternals” for the big screen.