The janitors working around the clock at the Republican National Convention ended up going home making less than Florida’s hourly minimum wage. Huffington Post’s Jason Cherkis talked to a few workers at the convention and has more details: > Carolyn Walker said she has been cleaning the convention center for 13 years. She had been making $8 per hour until a few years ago, when the cleaning contract went to another company, Cleanevent USA. The new company meant a new, downsized paycheck. She’s now making minimum wage – $7.67 per hour. But that wasn’t the only hit to her wallet. > > Walker said the company charges her $6 per week for uniforms. “It stinks to tell you the truth,” she said. “We work very hard.” It effectively means she’s making less than Florida’s minimum wage. > > Larry Gilmore, 32, and Jean Baptiste, 27, recounted similar hits to their paychecks by Cleanevent. Baptiste said he’s charged $11 per week for uniforms – a thin blue short-sleeve shirt and dark pants. [Continue reading Cherkis’ story at the Huffington Post.](,b=facebook)